Studio Renovations

Finally! Things have been a little bit awkward for a few weeks while the studio has been undergoing a face lift. I had to pack everything up that was in there, photography stuff, painting stuff, Folk Art, all my craft bits and pieces; I own A LOT of ‘stuff’ good time for a cull. Anyway all packed up and scattered throughout the house for a few weeks. Lights, chairs, backdrops, boxes and boxes, made life a little cramped and no studio shoots until it was done, including still life and portraits. I told all my clients that the studio was closed for about 1 month.

Now it’s finished and beautiful and I have lots of room and storage (I hope) and I just have to put all my nik naks in place. It’s like when you move into a new house, it takes awhile for everything to settle into it’s ‘spot’. I spent all of the previous weekend in there playing and fluffing around, I ran my first workshop in there since re opening on the weekend………that’s when I discovered some things need to be moved or altered and others are just perfect.

The other night I did my first actual photoshoot (with people) and it was wonderful to have so much room, with lights I can dim and of course the studio lights……now if only I could get rid of ALL the cables I would be a very happy camper!

Roy Still Life-361


Til Next time, happy snapping……

~ Julz