Be Still | 52 – Catch Up…

Finally after everything that’s been going on, home life, work, shoots, renovations etc, I managed to carve out some Me time, just to play and potter in the studio with my camera and my still life. Often it is after dark (days are so short at the moment) and I need to use artificial lighting, but it is still nice. I have my music going and a coffee or perhaps a Pimms and Lemonade and I can just breathe.

Week 39-1-2

Week 39 – 4 Simple Things, Light Bright, White and airy

Week 34 & 52-1

Week 34 & 51 – On Spoons and Get Messy

Week 47-1-2

Week 47 – Typography

The last two were shot on High Gloss Black Perspex, shooting on this surface is an artform in itself and while I love the ‘soft’ look I think I should have used a smaller F/stop, perhaps F/11 – or smaller maybe even F/22.

So I finally have finished off the First of Kim Klassen’s Be Still – 52 classes………and it only took a few months lol. I love Self Paced, as I can work on them in batches and not one image per week or month. Although I must admit, by the end of it I was feeling a bit rushed…….my fault completely, but I just felt like I wanted to finish it off, as I have other things going on as well.

~ Julz

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