Winter Outings – Reptile Encounters

WOW! It really has been a crazy mixed up week, this week; I went from a boudoir shoot, couples shoot, some still life and a reptile shoot. I have loved every minute of it, by far the most challenging, but heartwarming for me was the reptile shoot………sorry all my wonderful human models, but when someone hands me a handful (literally) of green tree frogs; my heart just melts; I mean seriously look at these little guys!

We also had crocs, bearded dragons, frill necked lizards, geckos, blue tongue lizards and paddy melons (Wallaby/ giant mouse type thing), and of course pythons. It truly was a wonderful morning and such a privilege to be a part of. We used some black perspex (same as for product shoots) and we took my studio lights, it was quite dark, and humid in this garage where all the animals are stored. Tight, cramped conditions to work in, with nine photographers. This was a trial run to see if it all worked out for future workshops with my photography group. With more lighting, larger floor area and I think it will work out fine. This was so dark, we were shooting at ISO1600, F/2.8. So images are quite grainy and a little soft.I also shot all of these with my 50mm Prime due to the poor lighting conditions.

I can cope just about all Australian animals, we have such diversity and such strange animals; but you can get rid of the spiders………..eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww yuk!