Welcome to 2001…

Yes, you read correctly………we’ve taken a time machine back to 2001 or so it would seem; hear me out here

  1. A Clinton is running for the White House
  2. Blink 182 have a song in the charts
  3. Full House is on TV (Granted on Netflix)
  4. Everyone is playing Pokemon

Sound familiar? My 90’s Babies grew up with this stuff, it’s their generation and they have just had a lesson in what goes around, comes around………sure there are variation, but that happens too.

OK so it’s Hillary Clinton and not Bill, running for the White House. Blink 182 is back in the charts, and why not look at the Rolling Stones. Full House, or the next generation is back on TV Via Netflix, my kids adored it as children and are loving it all again now.

And then there is Pokemon, well Pokemon GO. The next generation of Smartphone Apps driving everyone loopy. I understand the overall object and I thought it was harmless fun when my children were ‘tweens but now it’s on a whole new level. Sure it is getting people off their butts and outside, but it is also reigning havoc in streets and War memorials and Cemetery, just where you DON’T want hoards of people running around (mostly at night I might add) chasing Pokemon, with little disregard for yours or their safety.


There is warning on news every other night reminding people to watch WHERE they are going, and not to forget about cars, trucks, buses, light poles, traffic hazards and other people. Seems simple enough, right? My girls, both in the 20’s are out each night with their friends driving around looking for Pokemon, I tell them each time to be careful and I know they will endeavour to be so, they are smart adults…but even smart adults get excited and lose track of where they are going; I’ve done it myself, so excited about that object which I just have to photograph I don’t see the curb and trip and fall! Of course, feeling like a complete idiot, as well as in pain from various bumps and bruises.

I know, I know I am just harping on about the latest trend, I’m not a buzz kill (well at least I don’t want to be), I just think it’s amusing from a parent’s point of view, that my kids are suddenly experiencing that phenomenon that everything old is new again……although it does make me feel old!

Love ’em or hate ’em…they are all back and it’s a whole new ball game.

~ Julz