Red Sky at Night…

What’s that old saying Red sky at Night Sailors (or Shepherds) delight, red sky at dawn sailor (or shepherd) be warned? Remember that?

Well I was just sitting here on Facebook, after a long weekend of not doing much (lazy huh?) and the shout went out OMG! Have you guys seen the sunset? I Promptly stood up and looked out the kitchen window………..OMG indeed the sky was on fire. I ran and grabbed my camera and took what is probably the worst shots of life before it was gone completely.

Sunset 17.7.16-2Sunset 17.7.16-1

Dark, grainy, no foreground, completely no composition value…………..but look at that colour. Being Winter I didn’t stay outside long, but hopefully tomorrow will be another sunny day like today. But I did linger at the kitchen window a minutes admiring that colour. Some days nature is truly magnificent and magical.

~ Julz