Monday’s Musings

Guess what I did on the weekend? Not much……..isn’t it wonderful? OK So it won’t make for the most exciting post, but it was truly enjoyable. But it does make me wonder what to write about, maybe an update on a few things I have not written about lately.

Photoshop Artistry Awake course, we are over halfway now and things are getting interesting, but intense. Each month brings new challenges and some are not necessarily that enjoyable, some tasks are really taking me out of my comfort zone. Something that I find really hard to do is the journalling part, doesn’t matter whether it’s the Artistry course or KK Still Life course, I don’t really seem to get into the whole journalling thing. Sure I keep a journal and it’s pretty dog eared and is filled with notes, drawings, quotes and such…….It’s often my source of inspiration and my keeper of ideas, mostly my drawings represent chicken scratchings (Although I can draw….weird huh?). But the emotional baggage stuff, that’s where I struggle; I’m just not one for writing it all down.


Just as an example, here is a sketch I did a few months ago with Still Life, simple yes, but isn’t that often the way, you forget the simple ideas? That’s why I write them down………here is the photo, never could get the water drop the way I wanted.


Here is another behind the scenes shot with my Lenka App for the Boudoir Shoot, I wanted to make sure the scene was believable, so I snapped a few pics on my phone.


Do you ever do that? Set up a scene (for whatever) and you’re not 100% sure it will look OK? I take a snap on my phone…..looking at it flat on the phone as opposed to the back of the camera is different somehow; noticed I needed to move the curtains on the right hand corner a touch to cover the power cord. I remember hearing back in the days of film, that photographers took a Polaroid to test out lighting and framing and such, before they took a photo. I guess it’s the same sort of thing.

So what is on for this week? Well I have the images from a shoot last weekend, it was a 2 for 1 sort of deal, so I will split the post into two, one was the Boudoir shoot and the other is a Concept shoot. I have another Concept Shoot on Sunday, more dark and moody. But apart from that it is all quiet…….it’s been so hectic lately I needed a little breather. I am quietly working behind the scenes on a few larger concept shoots, like the Vintage Circus collaboration, but they take months to plan out. And when I feel the need, I have my wonderful Still Life I can do anytime in the Studio.

The Studio…..well now it’s pretty much finished (a few final touches still to do) I should do something about opening up to the public for more portrait sessions, but seriously I am having so much fun with my own personal private stuff. Speaking of my own stuff, I have started up a new Blog for my Still Life….have you seen it? Still Life Room to Breathe, it is ALL Still Life and Life, a living journal of sort, with lots of pretty pictures and inspiration from other artists. Also I am about to launch a new online gallery where my images can be purchased on canvas, metal and acrylic, scary and exciting, more on this soon.


I have also had another piece published in Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine, it’s the piece titled Fin from the Vintage Circus shoot, so exciting, go check out the magazine to see all the amazing artists, I’m on page 97!

Here’s hoping you have a great week ahead. Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz