Contemplation – Week 17

Each week, Desley gives us a Prompt from her KikkiK Journal, she herself has just come full circle and re read a response from the same post 12 months ago. She has pretty much fulfilled her wish for now………well done and my hearty congrats for going out and fulfilling your heart desires.

The prompt: What does your dream home look like?

So are my heart’s desires? I love my house: it has everything (almost) I could desire. I love my gardens, my new back deck, I love my studio, I love my study and kitchen.If I won a million dollar tomorrow would I move? Wow………that is actually a really tough question, as you may have noticed I stated above my house has almost everything I want………I have to admit my bedrooms are quite small, big enough for a queen sized bed, but no more. I wish I could fit a king sized bed (enough room for me and hubby and all the animals), plus perhaps a small sitting area for coffee in the morning, I would love a private little garden I could access via sweet french doors and perhaps even a swim spa in a court yard all to myself.

I would also love a purpose built studio, with more room and easy direct access, not through the house. I would love a light racking system, so there was no wires on the floor, and a high ceiling to hang it from. Not to mention better strobes lights!

But alas, do I NEED any of that? Of course not, material things are not the object of my life, I don’t play who has the most toys wins. I am perfectly content where I live, in the house I live. Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in the world, OK I may not LIVE in the city, but I am close enough I can go whenever I want.

So what does my dream home look like? Basically My Current address, my home IS where my heart is!

~ Julz