Vintage Camera Shoot

After a recent Product/ Still Life Workshop I managed to score some extra play time with these old cameras, thanks to a friend through my photography group. Now I must confess that I do not really know much about these old cameras, I really only got into photography seriously after digital inception, but I am assured, that these are very cool cameras.

I decided that they needed an aged analog feel to them and used Nik Analog effects. This is all of them from the Product Shoot.


Til next time happy snapping…

~ Julz

13 thoughts on “Vintage Camera Shoot

  1. I used to frequent a camera store in town here where the owners displayed lots of old cameras that were fun to look at. But, even better, they would take them out on weekends and shoot with them to see which cameras they liked the best. I always loved the idea of them going out and using the old cameras despite access to the newest and greatest equipment in their store.

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  2. Perfect images. I had a Pentax and Minolta analog cameras. I loved working in the darkroom – it was like going into the TARDIS – you lose track of time. Still I love digital work now. No chemical smell and cheaper – don’t need to use so much paper

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