Studio Shoot – Boudoir Series; Inner Goddess

Most of you who know my digital art and so many of my photos, you have probably noticed they are often dark and moody, I guess that’s my style. Lately I have been experimenting witwp-1468542608848.jpgh a lighter side of photography, not so much content, but quality of light. One such effort was a Boudoir Shoot with the gorgeous model, Rachelle James. I set the studio up with soft white sheets over a blow up camp mattress (you’d never know to look at it would you?) and hung soft white chiffon over a soft backdrop. All light and airy, Rachelle wore soft cream and ivory lingerie to help add to the atmosphere and then I spent ages mucking around with lights, not too much, but still plenty of soft light. I used 2 x softboxes, 2 Β x umbrella lights as well as my Speedlight and the overhead LED lights in the studio. The trick was to get just enough light without overpowering the shot. I wanted a dreamy feel, sexy not porno; if you know what I mean. We also had soft warm blankets and heaters running on full – I mean it is Winter here πŸ™‚

We spent a few hours with various different poses, apart from one Couples Boudoir shoot recently, I have never done this sort of photography before. I had spent hours going through images on Pinterest to put together a mood board. Have you ever done that? It’s a fantastic reference library of images. I shared some with Rachelle and we worked through various different poses and props to achieve a similar look without downright copying other’s work. I was quite please with the results, however I was becoming a little frustrated with lighting towards to end of the shoot and opted to also shoot some dark and moody shots as well.

What I did not even notice the whole time was that I had left my ISO on 1600 from the day before and most of my images, while soft and airy are also very grainy! ARRGGG, double frustration. Oh well it wasn’t a paid job, the pics are still fabulous and I can put it all down to experience. Why did I want to do a Boudoir Shoot? Same reason people climb mountains I guess, it’s something I have never done before and wanted to see if I could do it. Next on my bucket list is artful nudes! We finished off this shoot with a wonderful, dark, moody, fantasy concept shoot I have been wanting to do, but more on that next time.

Til next time, happy snapping….

~ Julz