Studio Shoot – Fairy Princess

I recently did an online course with Brooke Shaden, her artwork is totally amazing and inspiring. And feeling inspired I really wanted to get back into some creative concept stuff……..I love coming up with the ideas and playing with each aspect in my head and my journal and then seeing it come together in my camera. Sure my art is nothing really compared to Brooke Shaden, we are quite different in our styles, but I love her method in creating her art. We have very different Photoshop techniques as well, but I love HOW she gets her ideas and puts it all together, nothing fancy, just a few simple props.

Fairy Princess-2
The Fairy Princess

So this is one of the shots, I did three slightly different. Taking the main (or blank shot) then having my model sit (or lay or stand) and do a basic pose. I then took multiple shots fluffing up hair, dress, throwing loose flower petals, feathers etc. Once I had enough to work with, the magic comes to live in Photoshop, making a composite of all the images with various layers and masking out what I don’t need.

So I end up with images that appear almost 3D, soft, flowing, movement in hair and clothes, as well as floating flower petals and such.The model in essence becomes a character, not just a model.I tend to make the faces more painterly and less realistic in my digital art and add a punch to the colour of their eyes, cheeks and lips. When that is all done I had more mood and drama through various textures and filters, I especially love using various Topaz Labs filters; Impression, Adjust and ReStyle.


I love how it is now no longer just a photo, but a piece of art. A fantasy world that doesn’t exist, but in my imagination, brought to live on the screen, perhaps on a  canvas or print. I love the Fairy Princess the most, something so soft and luminescent about it, my model (Rachelle James) said it is one of her favourites as well, she has always wanted to wear angel wings.

I have more shoots lined up like this in the coming weeks, can’t wait to really spread my creative wings…

~ Julz