Monday’s Musings…

I had such an amazing week last week, so much exciting news and I cannot share any of it with you ……….yet! Stay tuned.Good things that come to those who work hard, have patience, and put themselves out there. I have spent the whole of last week and this weekend working on something big, I mean really big, but alas I have been sworn to secrecy for at least a few weeks, but I am SO EXCITED.

So what else can I tell you? I had a few shoots on the weekend, mostly my own private creatives……….I really do need to do something about some paid work eventually. But oh my, I am having way too much fun. Good thing I actually have a day job or I really would be a starving artist. I mean seriously what artist/photographer says: “Sorry I can’t do a portrait session for your 5 year old, I am too busy playing with fairies and angels and weird giant rabbits!” Hang on isn’t that the realm of 5 year olds?

I could incorporate these kids and stuff into my shoots, but using actual models is so much easier and quicker. I even have models asking me now if they can come and do stuff…….how cool is that?

Did you notice the date July 25th…….Christmas in July? Do you have it where you are? It seems to be all the rage here this year, not sure why. Personally I find that one Christmas is perfectly acceptable, I don’t need another one! But it does sort of mark the halfway point until the real Christmas day…..only 150 days days left.


Well that’s about it now for, I must dash off and do some serious work, I just thought I pop in and give an update. Most of my posts this week will be scheduled; but I will be reading comments when I can and I will still try and visit and read as many posts as I can…….If I do miss your posts I am sorry and I sure they were as wonderful as always!

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz