The Problem with Chocolate Sauce, when you’re up against the Clock…

Have you ever been up against the clock, a deadline looming over your head and making things a little tense? I’m sure we have all been there, I am at the moment; and I had an incident on the weekend regarding some chocolate sauce or topping (depending on where you come from), or should I say the lack of it?

Stage is set, model is ready and all I needed for a, slightly creepy, slightly gory blood fest image was some blood! Now I would never be crass and use tomato sauce (ketchup), wrong colour and texture to start with…..others mightier than me all claim to use chocolate sauce (or topping), so I went to the cupboard, gasp! None! How is that possible that in my house there is NO chocolate topping! Apparently we have aged and acquire more refined taste buds and use Oreo Sprinkles on our ice cream.

Bugger! Can’t keep my dead body waiting forever, she had another job to go to, so I quickly grabbed the BBQ sauce and used that instead………perhaps I should have gone 50%/50% with BBQ and Tomato Sauce? Not sure, but when I brought the images back in Photoshop……..hmm well let’s just say they looked like BBQ sauce dripping from the fingers of my corpse; more like a grisly, satanic Hannibal Lecter BBQ than a simple dead body. What to do, what to do? It’s the consistency more than anything….the colour I can manipulate, but it drips and coagulates all wrong. These days there are so many crime shows of TV and apparently so many discerning viewers (myself included) who scoff at unrealistic blood splatter. When so many shows, like Dexter, are just so convincing………I’m just not sure what to do with BBQ Sauce!

I’m still working ing on this, so perhaps I will figure it all out eventually…….and the shoot? SSh…it’s a secret! I’ll let you know eventually!

~ Julz