Tuesday’s Textures

A very simple one this week my friends, as I am so busy on another big project……


I recently got a few different coloured hydrangeas and I am adoring using them in my Still Life (when I get a chance), this one is against simple white VJ Board, in a white vase and white linen draped over a brown wicker basket to help break up all the white. I have dropped the saturation so all the whites and creams are all the same colour. The basket gives the same effect as a pop of colour, don’t you think?

~ Julz

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Textures

  1. A great technique to try in a shot like this is one I learned in photo school. Pull the table and sofa away from the wall as much as you can to maintain the composition. Next, take a large piece of dark card board and place perpendicular to the back wall, the edge facing camera. The effect you want is to cast a soft shadow across the wall, darker on the left, lighter on the right. Ideally you’re not blocking light on the table, vase and sofa. This will make the vase and flowers contrast nicely on the left. Makes for a much more dynamic lighting composition.

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