Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge # 23 – Black and White

Now we are getting to something I can really sink my teeth into with Cee’s CYC, I adore using B&W in my images, doesn’t mean I always do, but I still love a good B&W. I love how a great contrast between dark and light can make an image pop, making skin almost seem to glow


Lots of colour can be so distracting, but once removed the details seem to jump out at youDSC_7247

I love to mix contrasts of soft glowing skin and high textured objects like this bear, in colour the details would get lostDSC_5413-Edit

I love this image, the shadow and light, the texture of the wings and softness of the skin, I have added a slight rose tone to this image, but the original colour and B&W are below, the colour looses definition and seems almost drab SOOC.DSC_1501-Edit-Edit-Edit24098609642_6f9b449868_z

Contrast between light and dark, have to be careful not to loose details, especially ijn the shadowsDSC_2445

High Key is another element I use, making the highlights push into nothing for a soft dreaming feel23579023524_f126b0ff88_z

High Key, mixed with some deep shadows, gives a wonderful mixed element on this imageDSC_1978

In comparison this is a Low Key edit, with deep, dark shadows and lots of added grain, still had a lot of texture with the hay, but I didn’t want to place as much emphasis on the hay; just the faces. Gives an old world cinematic feel to it, see colour version below.

Studio Session-171_2

Studio Session-171

I know I have probably broached a few processing elements from next week, but then again maybe not? Til next week, happy snapping…

~ Julz