Monday Musings…

Welcome to another week, my isn’t this year moving fast? August, wow! My Eldest daughter turns 25 this week, incredible; it feels like just yesterday she was holding onto my legs and calling me Mummy, wanting to be picked up and cuddled. So My craziness from the last few weeks has finally settled down, I promise to fill you all in soon.

I ran my third Still Life/ Product Workshop on Saturday, due to varying factors I only had 4 students, which dropped down to three after lunch……..which meant I got to play as well. It was wonderful but exhausting day, we had so much fun and made so much mess!! More on that in another post.


Sunday Moth and I decided as we had a rare spot of nice Winter weather to hit the markets and go for a drive, nothing special, just relaxation; however I found the most amazing hidden treasure, of I have never heard of this place but it was wonderful, shame it was getting late and dark……..I must come back.

I have also been really busy at work (for once), so not much else to report, will do a few posts Β on the still life and Glen Harrow during the week.

~ Julz