Winter Workshops – Still Life / Product Shoot # 3

Have you ever started something and then thought, wowsers! This is becoming bigger than I thought? My Still Life Workshops are kind of like that…….they have sort of taken on a life of their own and it has been so much fun!

I hosted another group recently, slightly smaller and all women this time (not planned that way, just how it happened), so I decided to ask this group of creative women to bring a few bits and bobs for us to play with……….messages went flying back and forth as to what everyone could bring, some wanted to bring special family mementos to capture and work with, I really like that.

We set up multiple shooting areas again and split into teams as it were, as there was not so many I was able to shoot more this time around as well, yay! Each one I run I am getting more confident and having more fun, the ideas created in this environment are amazing and everyone brings something a little different.



Loved this one in camera, but the backdrop requires further steaming to remove creases

I already have another one booked full for next month and I am going to run one more in September, then I’ll take a break until possibly next year. They are so much fun, but a lot of hard work and can be exhausting.

~ Julz

10 thoughts on “Winter Workshops – Still Life / Product Shoot # 3

  1. What fun to do it with a group of like minded people, yes, I know since you run it it is hard work, but still great results. AND love the teaparty, that is fantastic!

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