Winter Outings – Belgrave

We had a rare bit of beautiful Winter weather recently…sunny and not too cold, so we decided to head out for the day. First up we hit the local Farmers Market, they also do trash and treasure, arts and crafts. I think just about everyone in our local area went, due to the weather, as it was quite crowded (even though it may not look it in the pic); just look at the blue sky and sunshine!


Seeing as it was far to nice to be inside we then decided to go for a drive, we had heard about this lake in Belgrave we have never been to before and is quite close to us. It was wonderful spot for a Sunday stroll……we should have bought the dogs.

Then on the way home we saw a sign we have never noticed before for Glen Harrow Gardens, we were in no hurry so we decided to check it out, even though it was getting quite late.We even had to stop to give way to the old Puffing Billy steam train, an adventure in itself lol.


We finally found this ramshackled overgrown spot…….OH My…….this place was a photographer’s paradise, or maybe just me? I have barely scratched the surface, I really need to go back!


It’s Victorian and rustic and abandoned and in ruins………the gardens are fabulously overgrown. They are working with arborists and such to bring the gardens back and the current owners have spent 20 years renovating and restoring the cottages as a B&B, but this bit is just fabulous! I would so love to do a shoot here!

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz