Winter Workshops – Fine Art Nudes

OK I am a big believer in grabbing a rare opportunity with both hands, not dwelling on it, just do it! So when an offer come up to shoot a Fine Art Nude in a studio, of course I said YES!

DSC_9703-EditSo recently I attended a Fine Art Nude Workshop under the guidance of the extremely patient Mark Hillyer, with a fellow bloggers, photographers and colleagues Bev from Rusty Ramblers, Beck Faldon, Dee Holmer…… their posts and check out their fabulous pics. Below is an excerpt from Bev’s page…

What is Fine Art Nude?

It is a genre of photography, depicting the human body, with the emphasis on compositional and aesthetic qualities. Erotica, while sometimes present, is a secondary result. It’s shape, form, lights and shadows.  Traditionally, fine art nude is a genre associated with male photographers.  The group this time was five female photographers, under the mentoring eye of Mark Hillyer.

Anyway I think Bev put it quite distinctly above so I won’t explain any further, apart from the fact that we all had a lot of fun with props, lights, shadow and form. Our host Dee was as gracious as ever and our amazing model Chey Anne was so patient with all of us newbies to this genre.

I am no prude, but I must admit to being a tad nervous coming up to this shoot, never having done anything like this before, but it was empowering to shoot this way, and I look forward to doing it again. The lighting was my biggest concern really, trying to capture Chey in all her glory and beauty, thank goodness yes is a professional, she lead us through the shoot, however near the end I felt confident to direct and pose her.


Once we had a basic run through, we got to raid Dee’s Props room (I mean cavern lol – bigger than mine!), the angel wings were my idea, as was the feathered boa, man I love that feather boa shot, just made my day! If I only got that one shot, I would still be one very happy photographer! I couldn’t bare to make it B&W, I love the colour, the tone, the romance of this shot. I thought about it afterwards…….should have taken one from the front as well ~ there is always next time! I decided that I wanted an aged wet plate effect on the angel shots, looks like the vintage french postcards in a way.

Angels and Muses_2000
Angels & Muses

Til next adventure………..happy snapping…

~ Julz