Monday’s Musings…

It feels like ages, since Moth and I just went out for the day, just for fun; but that’s what we did on Saturday. A few photography friends had planned on going to Steavonsons Falls in Marysville, Victoria and then to a place called Bruno’s Gardens. We have never been to either place. We have shot Taggerty Cascades, about 12 months ago, and even explored Marysville a little bit. So early Saturday morning we rose and then drove the 2 hours out to Marysville, brief Pitt stop and then on to Taggerty Cascades or so I thought. I never even considered to check if the road was closed……what a silly woman! Oh well, we drove around exploring a few other 4WD tracks, it was still quite cold and lots of fog, it felt quite eerie


We then headed to our agreed meeting spot to meet up with the others, we shot from various access points, however there were a lot of other people as well. All the rain from the day before had the rivers running full.DSC_9758


We all headed to the main cafe for lunch and then off to Bruno’s gardens………what a treat! It is full of fanciful statues and artwork, fairies and goblins and strange critters.

We spent the rest of the day exploring around the area, doing some shopping (bought some lovely new nik naks for still life) and it was quite late by the time we decided to come home. It had been such a lovely relaxing day, but a very long day!

Sunday was spent with a few friends and then a meeting for another collaboration shoot, more on that later, still very early days.

This week is the week, I have some exciting news to share, and I can expand on that in a few days, I promise, keeping this under a lid, has been driving me crazy 🙂

Anyway til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz