Tuesday’s Textures…

Today’s photos are from Crystal Gardens, Marysville. There is a little crystal shop, quite cute and yes we did buy something there; a little lizard statue that Moth really liked.I am sure you will see it featured in some images soon. It was late afternoon and the Winter sunshine was very bright and warm……there is a large display of items from the 2009 bushfires and it is fascinating and horrifying at the same time; what survived and what didn’t, the properties and lives lost, among these items and relics and stories, was this big rig truck, which for some reason seem to encapsulate everything. So big so strong, so permanent – yet not immune to the devastation of bushfire.


Moth walked and chatted to the owner of the place; nice old guy, full of stories and I wandered around in the serenity of the place and took a few pics.The green, green grass, the peace and quiet, everywhere I looked was some small little wonder and such glorious textures.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz

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