Giant Evil Rabbits…

I recently posted a few behind the scenes shots for my giant evil bunny.…..

Now, I can bring you the actual artwork. I started this journey months ago and it is no where near finished. It is the tale of a Gentleman gone bad, a period piece, with no real feel for a particular time frame, apart from ‘old world’. He looks very scholarly, but is actually a very evil rabbit, who lurks in the shadows and is usually up to no good.  This time we went too far; who is the body, where did she come from, what happened?

There are more stories to tell and hopefully I will get to tell them in time. I realise this is like creepy factor 10 here, but it has been a lot of fun and my family and friends are getting quite involved. My Hubby is the rabbit and my youngest daughter is the first dead body, she actually put a post of Facebook about how her parents killed her and then disposed of her body lol.But it is all in good fun and all for art.

JuliePowell_Edward Hyde_2000

Mr. E. Hyde

JuliePowell_Tick Tock_2000

Tick Tock

JuliePowell_The Body_2000-1

The Body

JuliePowell_Burying the Evidence_2000-1

Burying the evidence

And yes, that cat is ours, not photo shopped, he belongs to my daughter (aka The Body under the sheet) and that is actually BBQ sauce and not blood he is licking off her fingers!

real life-1-4


So stay tuned for more episodes of Edward (Or the Dapper Rabbit), this guy is always up to mischief, and maybe you’ll find out what happened to the girl and maybe who she is? Tick Tock was also featured in this month’s Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, page 34.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

18 thoughts on “Giant Evil Rabbits…

    • weird right, at first everyone was like WTF, are you crazy, how is this even going to work, but once I had the first image in the forest and the backplot written everyone is like………cool, count me in. Creepy, but so much fun. My Hubby and kids really like horror movies and stuff, so they think it is so cool……..especially being a dead body – we are having fun, but it is still kind of weird lol


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