Winter Outings – Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Gardens

A few weeks back we went on an adventure in the Yarra Valley, in particular to Marysville, one of our stops was to Bruno’s Sculpture Garden, I have never been here before and until recently I had never heard of it…….it truly is a gem and a must visit location.

In February 2009 bushfires decimated the Marysville area, damaging, homes, businesses, farms and taking lives and livelihoods. Bruno Torfs wonderful sculpture garden was not spared either, the devastation was captured and displayed in various photos. With help from family, friends and complete strangers Bruno managed to rebuild his wonderful gardens and re opened just a few years back. If you would like to learn more about the wonderful Bruno or about the history of the place, please visit his website. Now on our visit we were lucky enough to have a guided tour by Bruno himself, as he showed some of his fabulous paintings that survived the fires and told us about the fire, the aftermath and the rebuilding……..he said he could have just given up like others, or he could shrug his shoulders and just get on with it, humble and inspiring and so very, very talented. Most of his sculptures a quite playful and humerous; spend five minutes with Bruno and you’ll understand he is such a joyous and funny fellow……….oh the stories he can tell.

Anyway, I took 100’s of photos, but I will just show some of my favourites here, maybe I will do a few more from time to time, some sculptures – one image is not enough, as there is so much detail.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz