Winter Workshops – Fine Art Nudes # 2

I got such a great response from the images I displayed from the first F.A.N Workshop I attended a few weeks back and was asked by some fellow Awakers (Photoshop Artistry group) if we could run one too… I quickly spoke with our wonderful model Chey Anne and set up a  time, before she disappears on an extended interstate trip. I know there are other models, but I was more comfortable working with Chey.

We did not have the expert tutelage I had last time, but we muddled through, Chey as always so gracious and helpful…..but this is a group of artists who had preconceived ideas of exactly WHAT they wanted to capture, myself included. Rather than photographers learning the best techniques.We especially concentrated on creative lighting and using additional textures. Anyway it was a wonderful session on what was such an awful day, weather wise, glad to be inside.

I truly do love the images I obtained during this session, soft and feminine but evocative as well. We also had a cheeky bit of fun………recreated my favourite shot from last time, but with red!


Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz