Daily Post – Obvious

Today’s Daily Post Prompts is Obviousand isn’t it obvious I am a little bored. Stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, when I should be out and about shooting? I guess I am feeling a little out of sorts, so much I wanted be out doing and yet here I sit in front of my heater in my office, reading and writing a Daily Post. I have not written one in awhile, I felt they were getting a bit boring and monotonous, as well as a bit blaise.

What should I be doing? I suppose if I really wanted to I could find something to do here, but it’s Friday and nothing is grabbing my attention.

What could I be doing? Jeesh so much, even the laundry waiting at home to be washed, dried and folded sounds good at the moment. I have a workshop on tomorrow I need to set up for, I have a shoot on Sunday I need to finish prepping for (picking up a costume I had prepared) packing the rest of the items I will need. I still have images from last weekend and the weekend before to finish editing. I could be setting up some pretty still life in the studio to shoot. I have backdrops that require steaming, I have floors that require vacuuming and steam cleaning as well, the dogs could do with a wash, as could the car. I could be at one of the local Friday markets, fresh flowers and nick naks are calling.

I could be making some pretty pictures……and perhaps after lunch I will; this is one I did yesterday, just a mish mash of images from Pixabay.

Bubbles of light_Small

I have checked my emails, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Flickr and everything else probably more times than is necessary and still I am bored………anxious to finish off today and let the weekend begin.

So I guess…………….isn’t it OBVIOUS I’m bored?!

~ Julz