Monday’s Musings

Welcome back for another fun filled week! Spring officially starts off this week, yay! I love Spring, warmer weather, flowers, pops of colour, and it means Summer is only a few short months away. This year Winter has been cold, wet and grey. Sure we went out a few times and got lucky, but other times it was miserable. I must admit running workshops in the Studio over Winter has kept us very busy and out of the weather.

JuliePowell_Hands-1We just finished another Still Life/ Product workshop on Saturday, yet another group of creatives, who spent the day taking lots of photos of flowers and cakes and miniatures and loads of stuff. I was so busy with this group I did not get many pics.

I am contemplating opening the studio doors to the public for workshops, but I am a tad concerned about insurance, legals issues, strangers coming to my house and the like. I wish I could run them away from the house. If there was a space that could be hired or I could have access to that does not involve strangers coming to my house I think I would feel better. All the workshops so far have been within my Photography Group; so even if I have never met them, someone I know usually has. I suppose it really isn’t much different, but still there is a few concerns.

On Sunday Moth and I had a leisurely Sunday to ourselves, before heading out to meet my model Teena Moffat for another concept shoot, this time at Glen Harrows……I visited there a few weeks ago and thought it would be an amazing spot for a shoot, so did Teena. Unsure about the weather we actually made a few different appointment dates, just in case we had to reschedule……..the weather fairies were good and it was dry and overcast, perfect for my next project; more on that later; here is a little sneak peak.


I have been going for more fantasy, more whimsy, a little less creepy in an effort to expand my craft.I am loving every minute of it, exploring a softer side to myself and my art.

Bird Houses_Small
Little Birdhouses

We are off on another adventure again on Friday! Not too far from home, but a place we have been before, before either of us knew how to work a camera properly. So three days with a bunch of other togs; there will be light painting, astro photography (there will be no moon and hopefully no clouds!), we have arranged a private tour in an abandoned asylum, Dapper Rabbit will be let out again, as well as possibly a new character or two. We have loads of surprises in store for the Togs coming with us this weekend. Oh My, can’t wait. Not to mention it is such a pretty area and I have never been in Spring……..Creeks, cascades & waterfalls, historic buildings, pretty landscapes, the possibility of some lovely sunrises and sunsets and hopefully (fingers crossed) some warmer weather up north! I am sure there will be quite a few posts from this weekend for you to look forward to.

Wow, what started out as a quickie post got quite lengthy………so I’ll leave it there. Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz