Spring Wanderings – Beechworth Pt 1

It’s Spring! So no more Winter wanderings for this year……..warmer weather (in theory) and longer days, time to get back into nature and discovering more of this wonderful State. This time we were off to Beechworth, located to the North of Melbourne and takes about 3 hours by car to travel to (about 3.5 – 4 hours from my house), wonderful drive with many sights to see (once you get out of the city traffic).We passed lots of fields of Canola and some interesting abandoned properties.

This town is not overly large (pop. 4,000) but it is steeped in history & culture; from the gold rush, to mass murderers, mentally impaired and tall tales. The Gaol, the Mayday Hills Lunatic asylum, the old cemetery, Eldorado Gold Dredge and Woolshed Falls are just a few of the attractions high on our list….we have been before; but never with a DSLR! There was approx 30 fellow photographers with us and we planned a weekend of activities and surprises, good food and great friends, who could ask for more? We arrive mid afternoon on the Friday and wandered around some of the shops to get our bearings back, and then into nearby Yackandah. Honestly not much at Yackandah, although the whole town is supposedly listed by the National Historic Trust? Great bridge, a few interesting old buildings, a few shops in the main street, and I guess the cemetery…which is where we actually spent most of our time.

We then drove over to Woolshed Falls, after all the rain the area had received recently (and was still drizzling while we were there) the falls were raging full torrent of muddy brown water, full of branches, dirt and silt……..to be honest not very pretty, but an awesome sight.

We then headed back into Beechworth for a quick look around and then met up with the group for a wonderful dinner, good, food, good friends, full of laughs and excitement for the day ahead.