Returning to Avalon

Avalon………mystical days; in the time of King Arthur and Camelot, Merlin and Morgan le Fey. Magic, mystery, a time of sorrow and loss, hope and courage, maidens and knights. Fierce battles between good and evil. What happens once it has all crumpled to dust and nature claims back it’s own? This Concept shoot I did recently follows the story of my Princess from a little girl who lived and played there and comes back to Avalon………only to find it all gone.


Is there someone following her, or is it just her imagination? What happened here? Why did the Princess leave? And why is she back?



Some behind the scenes shots, featuring my Little Princess and her Playmate (Tiannah and Hanna), Little T’s Mum; Teena (Grown up Princess) and my Child wrangler Amy, and even a sneak peak of MY assistant MOTH, AKA My Hubby and Chief dress fluffer (is that a word?)! 🙂

This was a fabulous afternoon spent at Glen Harrows in Belgrave. I still have more images to go with this story, I just thought I’d give you a little peak at my current project.

~ Julz