Learning to rake the Light…

Mentioned briefly a new toy in the studio, a light wand I had especially made for Still Life. I will do a larger post of this later, but just a quick one for now. This is heading towards a more painterly effect, shot with one light source while sitting in complete darkness. A long exposure approx 15 – 20 seconds, somewhere between F/9 – 22 at ISO100……..you can then wave the wand over each area of the image to light it up, a term used for this effect by Harold Ross is Raking the light.


Sounds strange but it’s true, wave the light wand over various parts of the image creates a soft moody effect. The backdrop is softened to the point of looking completely real. However I need to remember to do more behind the foreground, see the overly dark shadows BEHIND the flowers. I also think the white tablecloth, cup & saucer and milk jug are too much white – too bright. But for my third attempt at using the light wand I am pretty happy with it.

This is what happens if you move too slowly, or the exposure time too quick……oops. It’s a good photo to show some of the set up as well, the window is a simple backdrop and you can almost see the lines of light from the LED strips……..ghostly even. 🙂


OK so I am still a little while off perfecting this effect, but with time and practice (and patience) I hope to master it, meanwhile I am having so much fun 🙂

~ Julz