Tuesday’s Textures

I have some new bits and pieces I have been playing with in the studio.This wonderful tabletop is actually part of an old fence, faded, and grey and scratched and full of little holes……….just a delight. The bottle is also another recent find, see how dirty it is, I haven’t even washed it yet. Moth found it in a cow paddock while taking pictures of an old car we found. How it hadn’t been stepped on and broken by a cow I have no idea. The muslin wrap is one I normally use with newborns, but I just needed a little something and it was perfectly toned. And then the final touch, being Spring here all the plum trees are just starting to flower……..there were a pink variety last week or so and now the white variety are in bloom. Personally I can’t wait til my Weeping Cherry trees are in bloom, just gorgeous.


Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz