Spring Wanderings – Beechworth Pt 2

We rose early as we really wanted to re visit a spot we found on the drive into Beechworth the day before, an old church and an abandoned house with a tree crashed through it, it was spectacular……….after speaking to a fellow tog the night before we were advised that the back was fairly safe (if careful) and it was full of delights to photograph. I also decided it was a perfect spot to get the Giant Dapper Rabbit out again!Oh my what a spot, once we got inside, we had to take a giant Bat Light so we could shoot by, as it was very dark inside, the floor in several rooms had collapsed, as had some of the roof, but the kitchen was still there. There was a fabulous old car out the back as well.

We then rushed back into Beechworth to meet up with the group at Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. This place is steeped in horror stories and tales of evil deeds, the fact that it was only closed about 25 years ago, really does send shivers up the spine, as does the children’s playground! Anyway, as was pre arranged we had one hour in one section to shoot some of our Concept shoots, arranged by myself and Bev (Rusty Ramblers), no one knew what we had planned and great excitement grew as people got to see us set up for the shoot and grab their own photos as well……..this is the end for the Rabbit, his Bride lured him here to kill him, she could no longer stand the humiliation of what he has done. After the kill scene, she then went mad with grief over what she had done and was locked up in an asylum……..after killing herself, the ghost of her and the headless Rabbit haunt the asylum. There is of course more to it, but you get the drift. We had so much fun!


Will do another post with finished images later. We then headed onto other parts of the Asylum, where another participant (Suzie Floozie) jumped in to add some drama, dead bodies in bath tubs and in the mortuary………..creepy stuff, but the other togs, lapped it up. Why is it when it’s all make believe we are fascinated in the darker side of life, but when it’s real we are totally horrified? Well at least that’s how it seems to me, and we can tell when it’s real and not.


We then spent another hour wandering the grounds, the cellars and took many photos, our guides always on hand to keep us safe and inform us of the history of the asylum and answer all our questions, Dawn even jumped in and helped with a few photos as well! Eventually our private tour was over and we all headed to the now famous Beechworth Bakery for lunch.They even bake a range of Gluten Free products!

Some went on to Woolshed Falls and Yakandandah  (we went the day before), so we wandered around town and visited the many and varied stores. We even went back to our rooms for a little afternoon Siesta before tonight’s activities.

We met up late afternoon for a BBQ dinner and Light Painting at Lake Sambell Caravan Park for another (cold) fun filled night with LP by a cute little pondage, compelte with a walkway in the middle so LP could be done from the middle of the water! Brilliant…………..another fun filled night from our wonderful and generous hosts Deanne and Bill Holmer. These guys, always have something new up their sleeves and so much fun………….or have I already said that?

Back to the Hotel, for a hot drink, a hot shower and a warm cosy bed! All to get up early and head out again.

~ Julz