When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons….you either throw in tequila or invite a friend over for a citrus party! So I literally got handed a bag of lemons, added a few other bits and pieces; tangelo, mandarin, lime and blueberries (I can’t seem to have yellow without blueberries – love it) and invited Desley over for an afternoon in the studio.


We even remembered to take some behind the scenes shots of our set up. Using only natural light on the old fence palings by the studio window. We borrowed Moth’s tripod as his has the cool feature allowing perfect flat lays! Oh My, such sticky heaven. The colours………..amazing, perfect for a cold, wet Spring afternoon.



It is really quite funny, just how much time we spent on these few images, posing and re posing, cutting, peeling and shooting. It is zen like to get in the zone and loose complete track of time.


P.S. Thanks for a brilliant day Desley…..can’t wait to do it all again!