Monday Musings

Welcome back to another cold wet Monday here in Melbourne, it usually rains in Spring so I guess I shouldn’t complain, it wont be long now before we are all complaining how hot it is 🙂 . I had a quiet weekend, a corporate head shot shoot for a business couple on Saturday Morning and then a girly pamper day; manicure and hair cut. Met up with a friend for coffee and we took the dogs for a lovely walk in the Spring sunshine. Such a shame the only really nice day all week and I was inside getting pampered……oh well.

Sunday was just pottering around the house, doing a bit of editing and some study, yes I am still studying lol. I seem to cram it in every now and then, thank goodness most of it is self paced. Visit the Parents for afternoon tea and gossip (for those who may remember Dad has ALS/MND and is doing OK ).

During the week I went out in the gardens with my Tamron 90mm macro and have been pushing myself to use it more often and really work on my manual focus skills.

I really do believe the Tamron lens to be softer than my Nikon, but if I switch to manual in good light I am finally starting to see some half decent results…….no show stoppers, but acceptable.

I also spent a wee bit of time out in the studio again with my Light Wand, still learning.


Well, here’s hoping for a terrific week, happy snapping…



12 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. bromeliad is just awesome!! and yes, its cool/cold here in Perth but same thing… that horrid heat is coming. so all I’m saying is “I like this cool weather!” hahaha as my hands are blue 🙂 love love love your bromeliad

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  2. Lovely shot of the reddish-pinkish spiked whatever it is!

    I’m working on my macro focusing skills as well. A bit maddening at times, is it not? 🙂 I get frustrated and remember, oh! I really should be focusing manually instead. That just might work! I’m also loving this new lens (Canon 100mm f/2.8) for non-macro shots as well. There are just so many facets of photography that I want to explore. I guess you could say I have a bit of ADHD (Oh, look. There’s a squirrel!) when it comes to everything I want do!!

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