Spring Wanderings – Beechworth Pt 3

We had lots of rain overnight and woke to a cold, grey and foggy morning……..perfect for our morning plans. We popped back on over to the Church (near abandoned house & Car) with a Model (Suzanne) and the Rabbit……..a little bit of American Gothic inspiration this time, a Bride, a Groom and a church, what could be more perfect?


We then spent some time checking out the old car………Moth even found an intact vintage looking glass bottle in the middle of a cow paddock – not a scratch on it.



With the sun making an appearance we checked out a few more abandoned farms and homesteads, then headed over to nearby Eldorado for the Gold Dredge, closed but full of interesting relics and machinery.

Head back into town for a quick group shot………the only problem is half the group left early in the morning!Oh well, some is better than none. We all split up after this and went our separate ways, but we kept bumping into people all over the place. We finished wandering the shops…….so proud I bought NOTHING! Seriously, nothing, I could have spent a small fortune on nik naks, but I resisted the urge.

VPC Group

Stopped off at a few more secret locations on the way home, had the world’s worst coffee ~ seriously bad coffee. We finally made it home after dark and then unpacked the car………I’m sure you familiar with the rest, dogs, children, unpacking, washing, dinner and getting ready for work the very next day. Oh did I mention it was also Father’s Day? Poor hubby, he at least got a cooked breakfast (care of the hotel, not the kids) and he didn’t see the girls until quite late……..I think he was upset they never called during the day, or even send a text message, I would have said something, but he asked me not too……….so what do you do?

Til next adventure………safe travels and happy snapping;