Still Life Light Painting

A little while ago I stumbled across a website by Harold Ross and was immediately drawn to his amazing Still Life, I have permission to show his art, but seriously check out his page. I showed it to another Photographer and fellow Light Painting extraordinaire Deanne Holmer, who offered to create a special Light Wand for me. It did take awhile to get it rightΒ and I think it possibly needs a few more tweaks and I need to refine my methods, but I have now had three sessions and I am in love with this art all over again. I invited Desley over for a afternoon of fun in the studio.

Shot of the light wand and Desley’s camera, care of Desley’s smartphone

My one of a kind light wand can be seen on the left lighting up the rose, you can see the rose in the liveview on the camera (Desley’s Olympus – love the macro shots she gets)………we then turn the studio lights off and let the magic happens, each of the below images are of the same rose, on the same settings on the same black perspex, the magic is in the light wand………oh my isn’t the blue luscious! Ultraviolet roses xoxoxoxox


The knack is in what Harold Ross calls ‘Raking the light’to add a soft dreaming almost painterly feel to the subject. I still have a ways to go, but I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved so far.

I have RGB LEDs which I can use individually to make a range of colours or together to create a soft white.


It also has a larger ‘monster’ light which I can also change colours and use as more of a spot light effect, works especially well through a diffuser.dsc_1303

It also works quite well with other lighting features, such as this Eddison bulbdsc_1330dsc_1333

This image is a multiple exposure composite shot using various sections of highlights and colour spectrums, see the slight blue tint to the glass and the almost blurred petals on the flower? Still got a little way to go…dsc_1386-edit

One of the colours on the LED strip is almost like an Ultraviolet light, see what it does to this RED rose? We sprayed water mist on the petals, oh how they sparkled like diamonds


I am sure you will see plenty more of this type of photography as I learn and grow and hopefully perfect this type of art.

~ Julz

P.S. Yes all shot with my new baby 35mm Lens