Another Monday…I really dislike Mondays, it’s nothing personal – it’s just that it usually signals the end of the weekend; and I LIKE my weekends. I mean they could call it anything, but it would mean the same thing, rose by any other name; still means back to work! Sorry just a bit of a rant.

We finally had a little bit of nice weather on Saturday, but the clouds closed in cancelling yet another Astro shoot, again. Honestly we are so wet down here in Victoria I don’t think we really need any more rain. I’m lucky, no flooding unlike many others around the State. WOW it sounds like I’m complaining a lot today……..many apologies. Anyway we spent a bit of time on Saturday doing some shopping for the Studio, a bit… I am so naughty, but more on that later. Then we went out in search of Canola Fields, I had a burning desire to do a concept shoot.


I just love a scarecrow in a field……..yes that is my poor long suffering husband again, what can I say, he works cheap hahaha.

Spent Sunday cleaning and tidying up in the Studio, such a mess, stuff everywhere! Then I bought myself a pretty bunch of roses and started playing with them a bit.

Well at least it’s a short week this week, Friday is a Public Holiday and we are off to visit Alowyn Gardens again, we went last year and it was spectacular….can’t wait to do it again, I am hoping that this year I have not missed the wisteria.

Til next time, have fun and happy snapping…




4 thoughts on “Mondays…..

  1. Julz — Love the still life’s, they have such great structure. As to Mondays, When you get to be my age you have only weekends and that’s not bad at all. The only problem is that it really takes a calendar to keep tract of which week you’re in.

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