Another Monday…I really dislike Mondays, it’s nothing personal – it’s just that it usually signals the end of the weekend; and I LIKE my weekends. I mean they could call it anything, but it would mean the same thing, rose by any other name; still means back to work! Sorry just a bit of a rant.

We finally had a little bit of nice weather on Saturday, but the clouds closed in cancelling yet another Astro shoot, again. Honestly we are so wet down here in Victoria I don’t think we really need any more rain. I’m lucky, no flooding unlike many others around the State. WOW it sounds like I’m complaining a lot today……..many apologies. Anyway we spent a bit of time on Saturday doing some shopping for the Studio, a bit… I am so naughty, but more on that later. Then we went out in search of Canola Fields, I had a burning desire to do a concept shoot.


I just love a scarecrow in a field……..yes that is my poor long suffering husband again, what can I say, he works cheap hahaha.

Spent Sunday cleaning and tidying up in the Studio, such a mess, stuff everywhere! Then I bought myself a pretty bunch of roses and started playing with them a bit.

Well at least it’s a short week this week, Friday is a Public Holiday and we are off to visit Alowyn Gardens again, we went last year and it was spectacular….can’t wait to do it again, I am hoping that this year I have not missed the wisteria.

Til next time, have fun and happy snapping…