Monday Musings…

A bit of a mixed bag this week, picked up some tummy bug and spent a few days in bed, then was too tired to do much. I also didn’t go to Alowyn Gardens, which I was planning on doing Friday, but will go in a few weeks, once the wisteria is all in bloom, however I did potter in the studio and gardens for a little bit. Then Saturday was the Aussie Rules AFL Football Grand Final; for the record I have ZERO interest. Tradition dictates we attend a BBQ at a friend’s house every year. So off we went.


It was a good catch up with friends, a good feed and then the game starts, Sting as the pre game entertainment was good, but I have a blocked ear, so had trouble hearing him, plus he only sang like three songs 😦 Anyway someone won…….Bulldogs apparently I sat there on my phone checking out Social Media from places where no one knew about the game. Then I started flicking through album, after album of my friends holiday snaps from a recent trip to Turkey, Greece, France etc, etc. (P.S. lovely destinations she travelled too, very jealous).

Eventually came home and vegged on the couch and watched Dirty Grandpa…..quite funny actually. Sunday was back to work in the studio again, this time it was the new backdrop rig, a trip to the hardware store (actually I bought everything! shocking I know) and Hubby spent the afternoon putting it all up.


Then I tidied up and put everything away, will need to take some pics next time I have it all set up again………which wont be long. As you can see Miss Chloe, was perfectly content to let us do all the work.

Not much more to tell, Monday and back to work again. Here’s hoping for a more enjoyable week.

~ Julz

P.S. Daylight Savings kicked in Sunday Morning, so more available daylight for walks and shooting!