Deconstructed Flower – 5

Desley has done it again, check out her rose shots……….I just adore this girl’s macro (and her hehehe)

musings of a frequent flying scientist

After Julz and I finished painting the red rose, we decided to deconstruct it 🙂

Here it is earlier in the day. I had it on a white tablecloth near a window, with a white sheer curtain behind it. I love the light.

Here’s a reminder of the light painting – you can see the full post here.


And then we got out the knife, heheheheheh….

One final shot to share with you. You know I love to play with my editing. I took the rose and converted it to black and white and blew it out in terms of exposure. Lots of manoeuvres to bring back the details, but I really like the final effect. I think it would make really pretty notepaper if I soften it a little more. What do you think?


x desleyjane

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