See Differently 2 -15

A few days ago, Robyn at Captivate Me started a new challenge and challenged each of us to ‘See things differently’ look at the beauty around us and share 15 pictures over the month of October, discover the hidden beauty all around us.


I have been trying to dry some roses I recently bought and they are hanging up in the studio, So I took a snap of them on my phone. I have been checking them everyday and making sure they are OK, interesting how each of the petals is drying out, some bits are fading and becoming almost wrinkled, other areas are becoming almost super saturated in colour (or is that an illusion because some bits are fading quicker than others?) . Some of the leaves are shrivelling up and curling over. It has been interesting to watch them over the course of the week, and I will continue to watch in fascination as they completely dry.

The weather here is about to become much drier and warmer over the next week or so, so hopefully they will dry out quicker now it has stopped raining.

~ Julz