See Differently 3 -15

Still working my way through 15 photos taken with a different perspective on life, so far I have shot all with my phone, this one I have taken with the Lenka App. My phone takes pretty crappy colour photos, but for some reason if I use the Lenka App (B&W only) they photos are much better.


So I was sitting on the back deck enjoying some rare sunshine and a coffee and I was watching the cat play with some shadows. Then I started really looking at the shadows, I found the shadows left by some latticework on my wicker chairs was quite interesting, they almost sparkled in the later afternoon light. Being Spring, the light Β is not too harsh yet; but it will be soon.

Why don’t you join us, visit and ping back to Robyn at Captivate Me, post 15 images in October, that make you stop and see things just a little bit differently. You might be surprised at what catches your eye.

~ Julz