Monday’s Musings

Welcome back for another week, I had quite a lovely relaxing weekend, spent Saturday wandering around the Melbourne Botanic Gardens with Hubby, we have not been there in years and the few hours we spent were not nearly enough. I was expecting to see more flowers as it is mid Spring, but we were either too late for some and too early for others.


And the warm Spring sunshine made it feel very summery, lots of other people were there enjoying the park and sun as well. Will write up a featured post, once I have gone through all the pics.

We then met up with some friends for a BBQ and Light Painting, another terrific night.


Don’t worry there is lots more pictures to go through and post yet.

I then spent a VERY Windy Sunday in the Studio, just playing and finishing off a new shabby chic table top I have been working on, and just generally playing around. Then had coffee with a friend and that’s the weekend over and done with.

We have horrendous winds yesterday, buffeting pretty much the whole of Melbourne for the day, so I can be somewhat empathetic to all those suffering in Florida at the same time. I hope all my friends in that part of the world………and Melbourne are all OK. Our neighbours lost a huge tree in the front yard, but thankfully no damage to our places nor theirs.

Til next time, I hope you have an enjoyable week…

~ Julz