See Differently 5-15

OK, so this is a little different I guess; I was playing with some promotions booklets for Christmas Hampers that came in the mail at work, while I was on the phone………started making shapes without even really paying any notice, and then I did this………and thought that’s kind of cool, looking through the loops to my keyboard and office door in the distance, gives a interesting out of body experience (well almost). But then I realised the folded pages actually made a heart shape as well……….had to get my phone out and take a snap. So it wont win any awards, but that’s not the point is it? img_1475468230818.jpg

My last post was taken on my DSLR, but I am trying to shoot as many as possible on my Smart Phone, in particular the Lenka B&W App……….love the old school look this App can give you. Visit Robyn’s page at CaptivateMe for more info on this challenge

~ Julz

5 thoughts on “See Differently 5-15

  1. This is just fun 😃
    Love the ❤️ and the illusion and depth of field that looking through those pages creates. At least for me 😃
    I like that you’re working with the app and your phone for the challenge!!

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