Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 10

Week 10’s challenge from the Girlwhodreamsawake is Mornings, let me start by saying I am NOT a morning person, do NOT talk to me until I have had my shower and first coffee (usually happening at the same time!!) On the weekends, especially if I get a sleep in, it’s just that first coffee, then I’m usually pretty good. If I happened to have a late night beforehand, possibly two coffees!

My Breakfast pretty much consists of Oatmeal during the colder months and possibly some fruit or honey, rather partial to blueberries at the moment.


Warmer months sometimes juice and cereal or if I’m organised both in a smoothie with yoghurt.DSC_6553-Edit-2

Speaking of yogurt, here is a triptych I did recently of my daughter and her dog sharing some breakfast and sun.


What is your favourite breakfast? Are you a morning person? Are you a coffee or a tea person…..or neither?

~ Julz