Another published piece…

OMG, OMG, OMG, I just love it every month when the the Living Artistic Magazine comes out; and it’s even better when I get a piece published, and bloody awesome when I get two!


Australian Gothic, Page 19

A big thank you to my wonderful hubby, without him this series would not be the success it has been and a BIG shout out to the wonderful Suzanne Balding, without you my dear this shot would never have happened XOX. Actually there are a number of people who need to be thanked, in making this series happen……..Bev and Dee – thank you too!

The next image is from my New Artist Group Kaizen, a select group of digital artist working together on group Projects, this is Ride On…..we were creating art, and images for websites, posters and promotional material for a Skate Shop working with underprivileged kids in the States, can’t say much more at this point. I am sure you will be hearing more about Kaizen as we turn out a different project every month for different avenues. This one was WAY out of my comfit zone and genre, but hey you have to go with the flow on certain jobs; right? It is exciting to be pushed beyond your limits to see what can be achieved.


Ride On Kaizen Group Project, Page 67

I was hoping for something a bit more ethereal with this piece, flying high and all that, but my Muse had other ideas.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and if you get a few moments, perhaps with a coffee, check out the amazing talent in the Mag, it’s free. Living the Photo Artistic Life

~ Julz

16 thoughts on “Another published piece…

  1. Someone once told me that it was in the post processing (of photos) where magic happened. I now understand what he meant. Congratulations on your much deserved published pieces and sincerely, thank you for the link to the magazine. I was enthralled.

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