See Differently 12 – 15

Ooh only three images to go……this has been a really interesting challenge, very different from the normal pretty pictures I know I usually post, I have found that I can look at the most uninteresting and mundane objects with a new eye and see the beauty in something as simple as a play on light………and more often than not it has been. I have also mostly used my Sony Smart Phone camera and the Lenka App, pushing myself to take interesting with the most simplest of tools.

But, today was different, today I got out the SLR. This spark has been banging around in my brain for awhile, just had to DO IT. Have you ever looked at a party sparkler? No I mean REALLY looked? they are fascinating, seriously! This shot is simple enough, light three sparklers and place them in glass jars, I put them on black perspex to create a reflection and placed black chalk board behind to help absorb the light.


I had to take several photos to get the exposure right, such bright light in the dark (yes lights off, once focus is set). Granted some of the whites are over exposed, but I love the way it looks light fire flies in jars, not Photoshop here folks, just some good fun. PS I am not sure if the glass jars will survive, quite scorched and the there is a residue of phosphorous (or whatever) is on the sparklers on the perspex, I am yet to try and remove! Yikes……..also the smell in the studio……….woah nelly; stinks to high heaven lol.

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~ Julz

P.S. If you are going to try this watch your lens, perhaps even put on a cheap filter if you are planning on getting close………..these sparklers can seriously do some damage.