Spring Outings – Light Painting

What can I say, but when we go out with Bill and Dee Holmer from Melbourne Light Painting, it is always such fun……I have been very fortunate in the fact that conditions have been favourable EVERY time for the flaming steel wool (see below), but it is not always the case; too windy, too dry, so many obstacles have to be overcome, but when it happens it is amazing.


Flaming steel wool is not the be all and end all of Light Painting, and far from it, we have so much fun with lots of non dangerous toys as well. We also had the fabulous David Gulliver with us lighting up the trees while Bill made is fabulous, Orbs, Vortex, Helicopters, spirals and composition shots (Ghostbusters and Shoot outs).

Really not much to add, but don’t try the flaming steel wool yourself, it is VERY Dangerous, perhaps try with Sparklers to start with, much safer and still very, very cool.

~ Julz

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