See Differently 13- 15

Some of us have been Seeing the World with Different Eyes this month, sharing 15 images which depict the weird, the surreal, the strange and always the beautiful; a play of light and shadow, the very small.

This afternoon I was looking at the gorgeous Spring skies on my way home from work, strange high cloud, wispy and light. I noticed how de-saturated the sky gets when looking towards the sun, and how bright it appears looking the other way.


OK, so nothing new here, but today it just seemed……….so pretty, so calming, so Summer like, it is even lovely and warm about 24c. I live for weather like this, shame I was stuck inside my office all day. Still have a cuppa on the back deck while I post this. Both pics captured on Sony Smartphone and edited in PS Express.

Want to join us, there is still time, visit Robyn at Captivate Me for more info

~ Julz

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