52 Week Challenge – Week 42

This week’s challenge was green. Green in Spring, that means fresh grass, leaves, gardens, there are pale green buds burgeoning and softest green flowers peaking through the trees and garden beds………..so I went into the studio, closed doors, curtains, turned off the lights and played with Christmas lights, martini glass and cocktails and long exposures πŸ™‚

ISO 100, 24mm, F/4.0, 2.5 seconds

My Lights are those one that run on a cycle, change colour and then flash and then new colour, flash, new colour etc…….I’m sure you get the picture, so I got mostly reds, mostly green…dsc_2603

Then at the end of the set they all come of and flash, this was shot on black perspex with a blackboard painted ply as the backdrop. Camera on a tripod Β and my wireless remote trigger.dsc_2614

It just goes to show, you don’t need anything fancy to make amazing pictures, just some time and a little effort (well I did have to dig the lights out).

~ Julz