See Differently 14-15

Almost at the end of this fabulous challenge, of course there is no reason to stop seeing the world a little differently, just because the challenge is over πŸ™‚ OK So this is probably THE WORST photo I have EVER taken, but just look at the swirly patterns and colours……normally I would just delete this. It was hailing and I looked out the study window, (right next to me) and saw it had just started hailing, it was windy, wet, awful day here in Melbourne and then … it started hailing, so I grabbed my Phone. Β There is something almost hypnotic about the blurry image.


I even got up and took some video out the back glass door, overlooking the deck………I hope it works.

This video doesn’t exist

P.S. that’s my daughter complaining in the background she had to run to her car in that, so she could drive to work! Poor thing. At least the hail was small and it didn’t last long.

P.P.S. Why is it my phone seems to take better video than photos?

~ Julz