Monday Musings

Another weekend over, Saturday was such horrible weather I really did play chicken and stayed home, some of my fellow TOGS braved the weather for the annual Zombie Walk, but alas this year I did not attend, again. One day I will get there. So Saturday was spent doing some useful things (I hope), I have created my own Vimeo and Youtube ChannelsΒ  (I hope the links work)……no voice overs as yet, but there are two quick edits showing my work flow for a couple of pieces. So that is kind of exciting.

On Sunday we took some friends to Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen, after the storms, wind, hail and rain yesterday the gardens were a little washed out and disappointing, but it was still a lovely morning. We then popped next door to the Chocaltiere – yes, a chocolate factory, with dairy and gluten free yummies on offer, as well as a sumptuous lunch overlooking the valley……..the sun even made an appearance as we sat on the heated deck. We then headed to Camelot Castle in Yellingbo. I have often passed this place, and wondered what delights were inside, today it was open to the public for a Medieval festival. To be honest the ‘Castle’ was just Β gloried function rooms and not much of a castle, but the costumes and such were wonderful, I met a new friend and discussions are underway for some exciting events and possibilities in the future. Can’t say much just at the moment; more surprises!

As we were so close we stopped at Mount Burnett, the Observatory was closed – but the view from the top of the hill over the valley is one of my favourites, well worth the detour. We then made our way home to a coffee and normality of going back to work in the morning.

Well that’s about it for today, will post more soon, til next time, I hope you have a great week and happy snapping…

~ Julz