See Differently…

During the month of October, Robyn at Captivate Me asked us to all join in with her wonderful See Differently Challenge. We all took 15 Photos challenging us to see the world around us in a new light……I personally really enjoyed the challenge and pushed myself to mainly use my Sony Smart Phone.Robyn then asked each of us to then come back on the 31st and share all our photos and which was our favourite and why.

What did I learn? Light it is beautiful, it is everywhere and it can make the most amazing pictures and lines and patterns. My Smart Phone is crap, sorry  Sony, but the Xperia has a horrible camera, nothing like the Samsung or Apple…….never getting one again, as a phone it’s fine but as a photographer; BLAH!!!!! The Lenka App in B&W can make it bearable. Nothing beats my Nikon DSLR.

So what were my favourite photos? Definitely the sparklers (Image 12), and yes it is a stage shot, but so much fun! I also love the old rabbit I found (Image 11), but my absolute favourite was the macro shoot I did with my Protea, check it out.


15 – Purple Flower


14 – Hail on window


13 – Spring Clouds


12 – Sparklers in glass jars


11 – Old Stuffed Rabbit


10 – Sunlight through front door


9- Sunlight through Leaf


8 – Sunlight on jewelled plant


7 – B&W Cobwebs on chair


6 – Post Its


5 – Promotional Material


4 – Protea in Macro


3 – Shadows on wicker furniture in B&W


2 – Roses hanging up to dry


1 – B&W Elephant statue in my Office

Head on over to Robyn’s Page for more info and check out the #seedifferently2016 to see everyone else’s amazing pics.

~ Julz


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